“The Judicial System Is Complex And Unresponsive And Julian Diligently Navigated It For Me, Something I Couldn’t Have Even Contemplated On My Own”

Another testimonial from a client recently allowed to keep her licence after racking up fifteen points:

“As a single working mum the idea of having to cope with out my car filled me with horror, when I was faced with a totting up ban I just didn’t know what to do. I contacted Julian and he has been exceptional. He offered me great advice, reassurance and¬†support. Most importantly my case wasn’t simple and he worked exceptionally hard to make sure I got the best possible output. The judicial ¬†system is complex and unresponsive and Julian diligently navigated it for me, something I couldn’t have even contemplated on my own.

Julian provided expert advice on how to prepare for the court appearance and what inputs I needed to provide. On the day he accompanied me and reassured me through the whole process. I am convinced I wouldn’t have received the positive result without him and whilst I now have to drive exceptionally carefully for the coming years at least I still have my car. I would highly recommend Julian as a person and a legal professional.”

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