It is never easy to calculate fees for an individual case. Each matter varies in so many ways. Some may ostensibly be simple matters but end up expanding into complex cases throwing into the mix unforeseen issues. Some cases, on the other hand, may seem complex but with my skill and expertise can be settled with great ease. I always offer fixed fees where possible for transparency. This means there are no hidden costs for you, the client.

Call or email me immediately for further details. Remember if you win your case you may be entitled to some or all of your legal costs returned back to you. Any initial telephone consultation is free of charge.

I don’t advertise my fees online aside from those in relation to my road traffic practice. An appearance at any magistrates’ court in the country costs from between £350 to £750 depending on where your case is heard and the type of work involved in preparing for your matter. My fees will normally be between £350 to £450 for a first appearance and mitigation hearing in the magistrates’ court and around £750 for a contested traffic trial. My fees for an exceptional hardship hearing range from between £350 to £500. These are always fixed fees giving you the peace of mind that there will be no other legal costs from me to pay. Following demand from some recent clients I now have the facilities to accept payment by credit card and Paypal.

Also ring me if you wish to discuss your company using me as standing counsel. Outsource your legal department to me. Call me immediately to discuss how using a Direct Access barrister, without the overheads of a solicitors’ firm, can potentially save your business money.