Crime and Road Traffic Law

The rules have changed. Come straight to a barrister!

I am able to advise and assist you should you risk getting points on your licence or a ban from driving. If you are charged or summonsed with drink driving, speeding, no insurance, driving whilst on a mobile phone,  an offence under s. 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, careless driving or face a ban by being a totter who has reached twelve points or more contact me immediately. It does not matter that your hearing may be months away or tomorrow. Contact me for legal assistance and representation at court.

I have a vast reservoir of expertise in these areas and can give you solid advice backed up with years of practical experience.  I can go through the process with you and assist you in defending your driving licence or securing the most favourable result in your circumstances whilst highlighting any salient mitigating features.

I am also able to assist and represent you in more serious criminal and regulatory offences. There will be occasions when I require the assistance of a solicitor. I work with a team of a solicitors whom I know and trust. Whatever trouble you are in with the police give me a ring and see how I can help. The public can now come straight to a barrister. Take advantage of such a service and the cost savings by contacting me.

There are a lot of individuals now operating within the field of road traffic work. I will give you pragmatic, sensible and straightforward advice. If you do not have a defence I will tell you this. If we need to fight the case I will also make this clear. Should you use me you will get a highly personal service. I won’t brief your case to another lawyer at the very last minute (as many firms do). I am a barrister and will undertake all the work in your case that I am allowed to do under my rules. I will represent you at all hearings. It won’t be another barrister I have got at the last minute. I will be the person you speak to on the phone. I will be there for you. I will be the person you meet who navigates you through the legal procedures as we work to protect your licence.

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