Another Lovely Reference

I am leaving this reference as it was written:

“I have the utmost pleasure to write this review for Julian Hunt. I sought his services for a traffic motoring offence this year 2019. I cant express enough how helpful Julian has been from the beginning. During our first meeting , he took his time to listen to me and didn’t show any sign of disbelief compared to other Barristers. He assisted me with his time, confidence, re-assurance and advice throughout the whole process. the contact has been very timely, thorough and professional. I have been very nervous and Julian has been nothing but supportive, helpful and responsive to all my concerns. he commands a wealth of knowledge and he displayed it well in court. Julian had explored various venues through the process. I am very grateful to Julian for his hard work and his masterpiece resulted in me not being convicted for an offence I never committed. I will without any doubt recommend Julian to any one seeking the help of a Barrister.
I am more than very satisfied with how my case was dealt with from start to finish. Everything that I was told would be done on behalf on my case was and at a very high standard. his professionalism is exemplary.
I can’t imagine how one could improve what you have done for me” RS -London

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