Here’s a list of some interesting cases I have undertaken:

R v C, B and C (Wood Green Crown Court) – Led Counsel defending in three handed murder  (7 week trial)

R v S (Hove Crown Court) – Led Counsel in two week murder trial. Double stabbing in pub in Hastings area

R v W and S (Old Bailey) – Led counsel in two week complex credit card fraud trial. Prepared by counter-terrorism unit of Met Police.

R v D  (Wood Green CC) – Represented Vietnamese money launder in £617000 complex POCA case involving s. 23 applications and application to discharge restraint orders. Drafted and argued applications for certificate of inadequacy

R v SW (Woolwich CC) – Child neglect case. Mother accused of child cruelty on 8 year old daughter.

R v E (Woolwich CC)   – Represented informant at Crown Court in private hearings described by judge as having worst burglary record they had seen

R v NH (Woolwich CC) –  Aggravated burglary. Defendant was 18 year old girl at time of knife point burglary on mentally ill lone woman.

R v B (Woolwich CC) – Representing members of Jamaican family all charged with passport offences arising out of falsely claiming British parentage and therefore with right to UK passports

R v NF (Inner London CC) – London riot case (burglary – suspended sentence on Goodyear indication)

R v DG (Croydon CC) – Appeal of driving disqualification to CC. Disqualification decreased by a year

Defended  several Defendants in Class A test purchase operation cases

R v SH – Benefit fraud trial of 72 year old woman of good character. (Amount alleged to have been taken – £20000)

Adjudicator v JA – Represented prisoner charged with inciting others to disobey lawful command of prison officer. Charge dismissed after forceful submissions on law relating to  incitement

R v E – Drink drive acquittal in the teeth of police evidence that E was driver of the vehicle

G  v Parole Board – Sir Lankan national (illegally in UK) on IPP applying for release. Orginal offence was the multiple stabbing of a woman on a bus.

E v Parole Board – Prisoner had stabbed and strangled partner to death before having sexual intercourse with her dead body. Applying for release on licence conditions.

F v Parole Board – Female prisoner had murdered neighbour following argument over music at a barbeque via multiple stabbings. Applied for release into community on licence conditions.

H v Parole Board – Defendant recalled for breaching various licence conditions. Admitted breaches and successfully released on stricter conditions back into community.

R v M – (Kingston Crown Court) Death by Careless Driving – acquittal by jury.

R v E – (Reading Crown Court) Dangerous Driving – Lorries battling down the road – acquittal by jury.

R v L – (Maidstone Crown Court) Sexual Assault – Man accused of sexually assaulting neighbour – acquittal by jury.

I have also represented many professionals and private paying individuals facing career ruining allegations at the Magistrates Court and on appeal to the Crown Court.

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