Here is a selection of some articles I have written. Comments and criticism is always welcome. Some are more legally focused than others:

This is a paper on claiming fees under a Defence Costs Order when acting under Direct Access. It will be of use to any barrister who has had to fill in one of these forms or had a client ask them to assist in filling the form in (2016)

Here is my contribution to the Labour run Commission on the dire state of justice in this country. I’ve tried to put something together from the coalface for Lord Bach, the chair, and his amigos to read (2016):

Online abuse and whether you should ever go to prison for this type of criminality (2014)

Why prosecuting George Galloway is a bad idea (2014)

Notes on the Richardson “boycott” case in the Supreme Court (2014)

The curious case of the elected police commissioner (2012)

What is the point of the UK Bill of Rights Commission? (2012)

Reflections on the case of John Terry (2012)

Legal aid cuts: like the Ritz the Lord Chancellor makes justice open to all (2012)

Why the Protections of Freedoms bill does not protect freedoms (2012)

And something that is a little older but concerns an important area:

“The new offence of Corporate Manslaughter” in The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act : Special Report ed. Alex Davies (2007)