Motoring Success

Here’s an example of some of my recent road traffic cases  –  a niche area in which I have successfully represented many individuals:

Drink Drive Success

Persuading the court that my client was not driving a vehicle whilst over the drink drive limit when police evidence suggested no one else could have been driving the vehicle. The client was a builder by trade and required his van for work. Through careful cross-examination of the police witnesses I was able to cast sufficient doubt on the prosecution case for the court to acquit the client. This enabled the client to keep his licence and his livelihood.

Disqualification Success

Arguing that there were special reasons not to disqualify a drink driver. Through the selection of appropriate medical evidence clear submissions I was able to persuade the court not to disqualify the client for the mandatory minimum three year period as this was his second drink driving offence. By arguing that there had been a genuine emergency the client received 8 points and a fine.  As an HGV driver this meant he was able to keep driving rather than face the devastating consequences of a ban.

Appeal Success

Representing a young driver at the Crown Court on appeal who had received an excessive three year ban for a driving offence. I was able to persuade the Crown Court judge to lower the ban with reference to the sentencing guidelines and the errors the district judge at the magistrates court had fallen into.

Mitigation Success

I represented a driver facing a five year ban. Through careful preparation of his mitigation I was able to have this ban substantially lowered making the disqualification workable. The client had been a professional gardener by trade.

Totting Ban Success

I have undertaken many exceptional hardship cases in which clients have received twelve points and faced an immediate ban. I have represented company directors and professional drivers along with tradesmen who require their car or van as part of their livelihood. With my tactical knowledge and experience increase your chances of protecting your licence.

Continued Success

I spent three years working as Senior Crown Prosecutor for the CPS. This has given me an unprecedented insight into criminal cases allowing me to approach cases in a pragmatic and sensible manner. Interesting road traffic cases I prosecuted included a contested road traffic case in which the former England footballer Joe Cole was the Defendant. I know from my time as a prosecutor what arguments will work and what arguments will fall on deaf ears. I am also very experienced at failing to provide reasonable excuse defences having prosecuted many of these cases whilst at the CPS. If you have a reasonable excuse for not providing a sample of breath I will be able to tell you whether it is a case worth pursuing through the courts.

Finally, I was awarded the Acquisition International UK Motoring Barrister of the Year prize in 2014.

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