Saving A Motorist From A Six Month Ban

This is a testimonial from a client in a long running case. A win is a win is a win!


Having had to employ the services of an au pair for the first time I was pretty shocked when the car I allowed her to drive acquired 3 lots of speeding fines in a 6 week period, I was not happy but dealt with the matter returning the forms with details of the au pair but as I was at the time dealing with all sorts of personal difficulties I did not deal with it in a timely manner and this had consequence.

I did not hear anything for several months but arrived home one Friday evening and found court papers in my post for what appeared to be multiple driving offences all naming myself, sick with worry I trawled the internet and found Julian Hunt a Barrister whose area of speciality is driving offences, having viewed the paperwork he informed me there was one driving offence where the police said they had not received details of the other driver potential 3 point and 3 lots of “late return of paperwork” which is I now know counted as withholding information and the potential for each one of these was 6 points all in all a potential staggering 21 points!!! On the basis I had 3 points live and 3 that had just dropped off I could have 24 points double that at which you lose your license.

Having gone through the paperwork Julian found evidence the police had received the paperwork nominating my au pair for all three offences and the first thing he was able to do was to get the one driving offence dropped – 3 points saved!

The next thing Julian was able to do having gone through all my circumstance at the time (I was living in two properties as my home had flooded) he managed to negotiate with the police to condense the 3 “late paperwork” offences down to one – 12 points saved!

We then went to court with an agreement for 6 points only but as at the time of the offence I had 6 points this still was a potential ban situation, Julian however went through with me before hand what my circumstance was, how reliant I was on my license and car for a living and for looking after my dependants and he helped me put together my defence or plea to keep my license – it was a daunting experience but briefed well and backed up by Julian I got through it and so pleased to say I was given the 6 points but the ban was waived and I am still driving.

I cannot thank or recommend Julian enough it was an awful experience and I never realised that I was putting myself at so much risk not dealing with things in a timely manner but Julian Hunt took me through it step by step and is in my view an absolute life saver!

LSQ, Company Director

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