Motoring Law – He Who Lives By The Procedural Sword Must Die By It

I have been representing drivers across the country over the last few weeks. Some interesting cases have included:

  1. Representing a motorist accused of not responding to a section 172 notice. The case due to various errors by the police was dismissed at half time. Service had not been proved. I also obtained wasted costs. I had written to the CPS three months before the hearing to explain the flaws in the case but my warnings were not taken. As I told the court “He who lives by the procedural sword must die by the procedural sword”.
  2. Representing a senior fire fighter who was at risk of losing his licence due to totting up twelve points. The court on hearing arguments from me about his specialist skills (such as flood rescue which he deployed during the recent flooding in the North) was willing to let this decent and brave man keep his licence.
  3. Representing a motorist accused of failing to provide a specimen. The prosecution was persuaded that they could not quite properly prove that this offence had occurred in the course of an investigation into whether he was driving but rather in the course of whether he was in charge of the car. This meant that instead of a ban of some 2-3 years he received 10 penalty points.
  4. I do other areas of law as well and have also been representing a street preacher accused of public order act offences. This was a fascinating intersection of freedom of speech law and the level at which speech becomes criminal as opposed to just merely offensive in nature.
  5. Give me a ring or email to see how I can assist you – especially in relation to protecting your driving licence. I work alone and it is me and me alone you get to speak to and who will be working on your case.
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