Donating To The Unfair Parking Charge Campaign

I’ve donated money via a crowd sourcing website to a fish and chip owner in Essex called Barry Beavis who is fighting unfair parking charges. Barry is taking his case to the Supreme Court having been allowed permission to appeal from the Court of Appeal which found against him and for the private car parking company. A link to this brave man’s campaign can be found here –

It cannot be just and right for private companies to hold motorists to ransom for staying over their allotted time in a car park. A fair fee can’t be argued against but to charge the absurd sums that many companies do is wrong. The basic point of damages is to put the aggrieved party back in the position they would have been in had the breach not occurred, not to give a cash windfall to car parking company directors.

Barry emailed me back yesterday:

Thank you for your donation via Indiegogo

The decision by The Court of Appeal was a huge surprise to me as well as to the Consumers’ Association (Which?), The RAC Foundation and the President of the AA, who have all released statements condemning the ruling.

Your donation allows me to begin the appeal to The Supreme Court

I shall continue to fight against the immoral and unjust practises of the parking industry for the benefit of all motorists.

Thank you for your generosity.


Barry Beavis

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