Benefit Fraud Work

Contact me if you have an upcoming benefit fraud case. I have represented many individuals in such cases in London and the South East. Have a professional barrister on your side avoiding the need for a solicitor. I am ready to speak to you on the phone or by email. You will get a personal service from beginning to end on fixed fees from a barrister. Call or email me today.  I add the following:

  1. I give sound and pragmatic advice.
  2. I know the Benefit Investigators go for low hanging fruit.
  3. I am able to represent you whether your case is at the magistrates or Crown Court.
  4. I can also represent you if the Local Authority have frozen your accounts under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
  5. There are often a number of complex factors behind such cases. Whether the fraud is a few thousand pounds or over £100000 please do contact me to see how I can help.
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